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Watch New Music Video – Red Velvet Seulgi 28 Reasons


Red Velvet Seulgi makes haunting solo debut with music video for 28 Reasons.

Today it is going trending in music industry her six track mini album of the same name out now.

Red Velvet member Seulgi has officially made her solo debut with her first ever mini album “28 Reasons”.

On October 4 at 6PM KST the idol unveiled the haunting music video for “28 Reasons” the lead single of her brand new solo record. In the new visual Seulgi awakens on a mattress in an open field which she later dances in and sprints through.

Elsewhere in the clip Seulgi showcases the sharp choreography to the dark new track. “28 reasons that ruined you, you don’t have to know / I have no bad intentions / You know all 28 reasons to run away / So why are you leaning on me again,” she sings on the chorus.

“28 Reasons” also comprises B sides “Dead Man Runnin”, Bad Boy, Sad Girl featuring rapper BE’O, “Los Angeles” and “Crown”. Notably, “Dead Man Runnin” includes lyrics written by Seulgi and marks her songwriting debut.

New Released By Seulgi

The new release also makes Seulgi, Red Velvet’s main dancer and lead vocalist, the third member of the act to officially debut as a soloist. Main vocalist Wendy was the first to go solo with April 2021’s “Like Water” followed by Joy with “Hello”a month later.

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