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Jayland walker shooting video- jayland walker video


Jayland walker discharging video and photos trending on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In this article, we are going to tell you about Jayland walker live shooting video details.

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Jayland walker
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Graphic videos released Sunday show eight Ohio cops discharge the black man fleeing a traffic stop in Akron with the city’s mayor calling the footage heartbreaking.

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Authorities have not said how many report were at DoorDash driver Jayland Walker, 25, but Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett on Sunday acknowledged the number could be more than 90, with the man suffering at least 60 ball wounds. The shooting took place Monday, after walker allegedly refused to stop for cops trying to pull him over for unspecified traffic and vehicle breaking.

When walker finally stopped his vehicle, he got out of the car in a ski mask and ran away from police footage shows. Police said it appears he was turning toward officers, who believed he was preparing to shoot at them, when cops opened. One video shows a rain of toward walker, who said was unarmed at the time.

A piece also was recovered on the driver’s seat of walker’s car, police said as was a loaded magazine and what appeared to be a gold wedding band. Walker’s fiancee had died. He argued there was no justification for this death. He urged peace during protests.

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