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Watch full Video of Rairaiken trending on Twitter


Rairaiken videos and photos trending on social media like twitter Instagram YouTube. In this article we are going to tell about Rairaiken.

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Rai Rai Ken is back in business in Tokyo but pandemic has taken a heavy toll on ramen shops.

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Rai Rai Ken is one of the first ramen shops in New York City, inspired by the roadside ramen shop and masterful noodle-making in the 1985 film “Tampopo.” We focus on Tokyo-style shitamachi ramen, with flavors that take you down the alleys and streets of old school downtown Tokyo.

We strive to make ramen that you can eat everyday; light and clean broth, MSG-free ingredients made from scratch, and noodle dough that complements each savory slurp.

New York is located at 1467 Amsterdam Ave. New York, NY US. Rai Rai Ken – New York is a Japanese restaurant type of premises offering authentic Japanese food. Rai Rai Ken – New York Japanese restaurant, has been in business since 2000.

One of Rai Rai Ken – New York’s most popular dishes is their Pan fried Dumplings. Rai Rai Ken – New York carries some of the best Japanese food around. Rai Rai Ken – New York offers one of the best Shio Ramen in town.

Their Facebook site brags about the quality of the Deep Fried Chicken and Spicy Mayo. This location’s quality may be more standardized as this is part of a chain.

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