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Trent lehrkamp video full – trent lehrkamp video– trent lehrkamp trending video


Trent lehrkamp videos and photos trending on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In this article, we are going to tell you about trent lehrkamp video full details and what happened to trent lehrkamp?

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Trent Lehrkamp 19, recently graduated from Glynn Academy High School in Brunswick, United States. He is Mark Lehrkamp‘s son.

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As 19-year-old Trent Lehrkamp slowly recovers in an ICU bed at Southeast Georgia Health Center in Brunswick, those who know and love him are calling for justice.

Family and friends of a young man from Georgia say he was “tortured and humiliated” by teens while at a party last week on Simons Island.

Lehrkamp, a recent Glynn Academy High School graduate, was hanging with a group of teens last tuesday when some of them reportedly forced Lehrkamp to down an excessive amount of and other substances.

A picture circulating online appears to show Lehrkamp unconscious, bound to a chair, and covered in spray paint. Four boys are seen standing behind him, some giving the middle finger to the camera.

A separate video, which police said was taken four days earlier, shows Lehrkamp in a chair with his head down as someone sprays him with a water. Lehrkamp was barely breathing and was extremely intoxicated. Responding officers noted the presence of spray paint on Lehrkamp but said there were no signs of physical injury.

Detectives have since interviewed several of the people at the party and collected related to that night. They interviewed Lehrkamp from his hospital bed on Sunday night.He had been on a ventilator since arriving at the hospital.

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