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TikTok star Paige Niemann Biography, Age, Family, Relationship, and much more


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Who is Paige Niemann?

Paige Niemann was born on 26 April 2004. Paige Niemann is 18 years old.

Paige Niemann is an American social media influencer who is best known for her perfect impersonations of Ariana Grande.

Paige was very young when people began noticing her uncanny physical resemblance with Ariana so she decided to make this her USP and started impersonating Ariana on TikTok. Soon people started noticing their uncanny similarities and Paige’s fan following increased dramatically.

Her increasing popularity attracted lots of compliments from her fans, but it also attracted some really mean comments from haters. Over a period of time, she learnt to deal with the haters by focussing on what made her happy—and that is looking like Ariana.

TikTok Followers

Besides TikTok, Paige Niemann is also active on Instagram and Twitter. Presently, she has more than 10 million followers on TikTok alone.

Why is Paige Niemann famous?

Paige Niemann is a famous TikTok star who got recognition for her Ariana Grande impressions and looks. Paige Niemann shares her lifestyle and modeling content through TikTok for her over 5.9 million fans. Table of Biography If seen, she is one of the most beautiful looking girl today and many people praise her too.

Paige Niemann Relationship And Boyfriend

She always keeps his relationship private.Also, she never posted anything about her relationship on her Social Media platform. So there are not many updates on this.But in June 2020 there some rumors came that she is in a relationship with Mike Chelsen.Mike Chelsen is also well known Tik Tok creator with followers in Millions.And as per our records, she is in a relationship with him.

Some Unknown Facts about Paige Niemann

Paige keeps her personal lofe private don’t want to talk about her family and education in public.So there are not many updates about her family and education.

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