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Tiara Kartika Anak Kuntil trending video on Tiktok & Youtube


Every day there are unused Trending components that get into social media and the internet. So however one more time a Twitter account will get into the design. Right here is full video.

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Tiara Kartika Anak Kunti is trending on the internet at this time. Recently one of her videos has been trending and people on the internet have gone crazy to get the link and watch the video, for they are searching about her on the web. In this article we will talk about her personal details and her trending video.

This is a trending story right now and getting a lot of attention from Indonesian netizens on Google.

Netizens who were curious then looked for the character of the viral Tiktok Kunti child. Reportedly , Kuntilanak’s child who went viral on Tiktok is named Tiara Kartika .

There is still no valid information regarding the authenticity of Tiara Kartika ‘s character as Kunti ‘s child … but it is clear that many YouTube creators have checked it.

Who is Tiara Kartika Anak kuntilanak ?

Tiara Kartika ‘s name was later mentioned as a child of Kuntilanak who received wide reviews from YouTube content creators.

Tiara Kartika ‘s name suddenly went trend after the word Kuntilanak exploded on the Google search engine. There are many short videos about Tiara Kartika, son of Kuntilanak .

Tiktok is still a social media application that gives a different color from other social media. Because many videos uploaded on Tiktok are trending all the time.

Millions of netizens are now looking for the figure of the Kuntilanak child who became the basis of the Trending tiktok video.

Until now there is no information that mentions Tiara Kartika ‘s address , so she is the child of Kuntilanak who is currently viral on Tiktok and Youtube.

Likewise, a little information about the Trending video of the Tiktok Kuntilanak children came from these media. Only short video footage was found highlighting Tiara Kartika ‘s features.

Quoting a video uploaded from Karol Inoviani’s Youtube channel. The title of the video is “Kuntilanak’s Adopted Child!! Tiara is a beautiful girl that my grandmother found in the forest 11 years ago.

In the video description, Karol Inoviani thanked Oma Nur and Tiara for keeping in touch. Because there is an interesting life story from the family.

Starting from this video upload, Tiara Kartika ‘s name, who was said to be Kutilanak’s adopted son, became trend and scary, until finally becoming FYP Tiktok.

Social media users were shocked by the Trending Tiktok video of Kunti ‘s children . Her beautiful figure makes netizens look for videos.

Curious about the Trending adoption of Kuntilanak on Tiktok? The following is a summary of the Trending key Tiktok news that has recently drawn controversy among netizens.

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