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Skier Saves Snowboarder full video – skier saves snowboarder video


Skier saves snowboarder videos and photos trending on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In this article, we are going to tell you about Skier saves snowboarder video details.

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Skier Saves Snowboarder video

A snowboarder and skier who were in the trending video showing the snowboarder being saved from suffocating in a heavy pile of snow by the skier.

Skier Saves Snowboarder
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The video shows the skier quickly digging out the face of the snowboarder so he can breathe before digging out the rest of his submerged, upside down body.

Harrowing footage shows a skier saving a snowboarder buried upside down in deep snow, with the rescuer digging the man free only minutes before he would probably have suffocated.

In the five-minute video, which has gone trending headcam footage shows skier Francis Zuber spotting a snowboard sticking out of powdery snow beside a tree.

Mr Zuber springs into action and frantically begins to dig into the snow with his hands until he can see the face of the snowboarder, later identified as Ian Steger.

The incident took place on April 1, but the video was uploaded to YouTube on 3 April. It has since gained more than two million views on Twitter. On Sunday, Mr Steger posted a photo on social media showing him and Mr Zuber skiing together.

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