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Popeyes Woman Video Jumped | Popeyes Woman Fight Video Jumped – Popeyes Staff Beats A Woman


Popeyes woman video jumped is now trending topic on Twitter, Popeyes woman fight video trending on Twitter, Popeyes staff beats a woman video circulated on internet.

Everyday fight video trending on Twitter and people are curious to watch the fight video. Mostly people enjoy viewing the footage of Poeyes women fight after the victim girl expresses her rage to a female employee at Popeyes the female staff member begins to beat the woman.

Popeyes Woman Fight Video

Popeyes Staff fight video trending on Twitter and this video was recorded on film by a stunned customer at a Popeyes restaurant in Milwaukee police were called to the scene.

The video was captured by Rich Forte on Wednesday night. Before a woman leaps out from behind the counter and strikes another worker it shows multiple employees shouting at one another. As they attempt to flee at least six workers arms become entangled in a matter of seconds.

The group goes through the eatery while fighting toppling seats and stools in the process. Someone finally yells! Hey stop that’s. The workers cease fighting but continue to yell as the video comes to a conclusion. Some of them have aprons that protrude from beneath their jackets.

Internet users watch and enjoy this fight video that captured at Rich Forte and this video make a huge trend on Twitter and other social media platform.

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