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Obdulia sanchez accident video surface on social media, obdulia sanchez video twitter and other social media platforms “The distressed girlfriend of deceased Jacqueline Sanchez has spoken out about the fatal live streamed crash that k!||ed her, Radar.

Social media can reveal. survived the brutal crash brought on by an allegedly intoxicated Obdulia Sanchez.

Obdulia sanchez video twitter

Obdulia sanchez accident video Twitter ‘California Woman Who Live-Streamed Crash That K!|led Sister Is Released On Parole Obdulia Sanchez, 20, was freed on September 21 despite being sentenced to six years and four months in prison in February 2018 for gross vehicular manslaughter, DUI and child endangerment.

Obdulia sanchez accident old sister

old sister Jacqueline Sanchez and her girlfriend, Manuela Seja, 15, when she lost control of her vehicle. She was intoxicated at the time, and live-streaming their car ride on Instagram. After crashing into a fence, Obdulia continued to film, and captured footage of her b|o*dy, unconscious sister in the horrific video.

What say old sister on obdulia sanchez accident

“I k!|led my sister, but I don’t care. I ki!||ed my sister. I know I’m going to prison, but I don’t care. I’m sorry baby. I’m a hold it down,” she was heard saying at the time.Manuela who, like Jacqueline, was not wearing a seatbelt was ejected from the car and injured. She survived.

Obdulia sanchez accident video twitter explain

obdulia sanchez accident video twitter “she feels absolutely horrible about what happened,” her attorney, Ramnik Samrao, told PEOPLE after the tragedy.

She will always be responsible for k!|ling her sister. She will always be dealing with that.”Victim’s Girlfriend On Fatal Live-Streamed Car Crash: ‘I Don’t Blame Anybody’Her parents, who claim the incident has “ruined” their lives, have not seen.

Obdulia sanchez accident twitter video explain

Obdulia since the fatal crash. The teen, who was charged with m**der and DUI, remains in Merced County Jail on a $300,000 bond.Did The World A Favor:’ The Chilling Words Of Jeffrey Dahmer’s M**derer After He Beat Cannibal Ki!||er To Bloody Pulp In Prison

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