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Nika Shakarami: Who Was She? Iranian Protester Age 16 Died – Trending Video


Nika Shakarami’s Bio/Wiki

On October 2, 2005, Nika Shakarami was born in the province of Lorestan. Her past is not well known to the public. She had family ties to Khorramabad in southwest Iran because her father was born there.

She was the second child in the family. Shakarami worked in a coffee shop while residing with her aunt in Tehran, the country’s capital. She relocated to Tehran after her father passed away. Shakarami reportedly enjoyed painting a lot.

Nika Shakarami’s Death, disappearance

In September 2022, Shakarami participated in the Mahsa Amini demonstrations. These demonstrations, which aimed to advance women’s rights in Iran, were sparked by the death of Mahsa Aminiwhile she was being held by the police. Shakarami last appeared on September 20, when he staged a demonstration on Tehran’s Keshavarz Boulevard.

She stepped outside her home at five o’clock with a water bottle and a towel to shield herself from tear gas. She initially informed her family that she was visiting her chanted slogans nonstop throughout the demonstration without showing any signs of fear.

Her family claims that the last communication they received from her was a message in which she claimed to be being pursued by security personnel.

She must have become separated from her friends as the demonstrations grew louder and more intense. Her friends last saw her at around 7 o’clock. On the evening of 20 September Shakarami’s phone was turned off, and her Instagram and Telegram accounts were deleted.

Family of Nika Shakarami

Nika Shakrami moved to Tehran after her father Death, We’ll update it as soon as we have new information.

If you have questions about Nika Shakarami’s family, cause of death, wiki, age, nationality, and more, you can find the answers here. Please leave any questions in the comments section.

Age of Nika Shakarami

Nika Shakarami was only sixteen years old when she passed away. She was born on October 2, 2005, in Khormabad, southwest Iran.

Nika Shakarami Identities

Nika Shakarami, who is of Iranian nationality, was born on October 2, 2005, in Khormabad, southwest Iran.

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