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Lad Baby gr*ping a woman’s butt, Wife Roxanne accuses him of cheating Trending video


This is the supposed video in which social media celebrity Lad baby, who appeared to be out without his wife, can be seen str*king another woman’s b*ttom.

The 18-second video is thought to have been shot in a Nottingham bar close to the house he shares with his YouTuber wife Roxanne and their two kids in March and was initially uploaded to TikTok.

The vision of the video that is going around depicts a man identified as Hoyle sitting on a bar stool and holding an unidentified woman in his arms. He tries to put his hand on her b*m at one point, but she looks to back away.

As the woman leaves, they both turn to face the camera that is capturing their exchange. After briefly staring in the direction of the onlooker, the man who is supposedly Hoyle seems to recoil and start sh*king his leg.

Hoyle and his wife Roxanne have both maintained their customary upbeat internet personas while continuing to write about their life even though they haven’t publicly commented on the video.

On Thursday, Roxanne posted a picture of the two of them snuggled up together watching a Manchester City game with the remark, “The nicest night.” She also uploaded a brief video of their plans for dinner and drinks before the game.

Some admirers have expressed the hope that the video shows a doppelganger, while others have noted some startling similarities that have convinced them that the person in the video is indeed Hoyle.

‘I hate to say it, but not only is this guy wearing same ring and watch, but he is wearing the same trainers,’ one person said. The star is often pictured wearing navy and white trainers.

The initial poster said on TikTok it’s ‘100% him’ and claimed the clip was filmed ‘at a bar in Nottingham’ near the social media star’s house.

This week, months after it was first shared online, the clip started making the rounds once more and acquired popularity.

When he saw the camera, a fan asked: “If it’s not him, why did he stop touching the girl?”

However, the couple’s backers countered that there is no way to be certain without the couple’s own confirmation.Even though Hoyle is shown in the video, they noted that it’s impossible to “assume their personal condition” and that there may be a simpler reason.

Another said: ‘I think people need to stop judging about a situation nobody knows anything about. Leave them alone.’‘If it was him or recently we all know Rox would have dropped kicked him out the door by now she’s happy as ever so I’m happy with that.’

The 37-year-old wife of Hoyle, a former graphic designer, and the couple’s two kids are frequently seen on their social media accounts.With his sausage roll-themed Christmas charity hits, LadBaby, who has 5.6 million Facebook fans and an additional 3.4 million on TikTok, has made Christmas No. 1 for four years.

Along with Walkers Crisps, the family-friendly celebrity has worked with Trussell Trust’s worldwide network of food banks for charitable purposes. The Trussell Trust and Walkers have both been contacted by MailOnline for comment.He is rumoured to appear on “I’m A Celebrity.” This year, the YouTuber is “even money” to appear on the show, according to bookmakers William Hill.

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