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Aya Nakamura trending video on social media


Aya Nakamura videos and photos trending on social media like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. In this article we are going to tell you about Aya Nakamura. And why she’s trending on social media.

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Who is Aya Nakamura?

Aya Danioko, known as Aya Nakamura, is a French-Malian pop/R&B singer. She was born on 10th May 1995 in Bamako but later immigrated to France with her family.

Aya Nakamura
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She is the oldest of five siblings. She studied fashion at La Courneuve. She later launched into music with the stage name Aya Nakamura, after the character Hiro Nakamura of the Heroes science fiction drama series.

Aya Nakamura on social media

She made the song Brise with composer Christopher , and this music video reached 13 million YouTube views. She released “Love d’un Voyou” with Fababy that same year which even received much more support on YouTube.

She released the single “Jolie nana” as the lead single from her third studio album Aya. It debuted at number one on the French singles chart, and achieved Gold status in just 2 weeks time.

The video is to be had on-line, however gaining access to it calls for social media searches. Unlike different motion pictures, this one can’t be watched on social media.

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