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Who Is pamungkas? Pamungkas Doing Indecent Acts On Stage


Rizki Rahmahadian Pamungkas is born 14 April 1993 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Pamungkas is better known by his stage name Pamungkas. He is an Indonesian singer, record producer, song writer and actor.

Pamungkas Doing Indecent Acts On Stage

The name Pamungkas became a trending topic on Twitter because the video which was considered obscene was circulating on social media.

In the video, Pamungkas appears to be swiping one of the fan’s cellphones against his vitals. His action was immediately greeted by hysterical screams from fans.

Pamungkas opened his voice regarding the video of the fan’s cellphone swiping against his vitals which went viral on social media. The owner of the real name Rizki Rahmahadian Pamungkas said what he did was a form of service to fans.

Through a story on his personal Instagram Pamungkas explained that the actual video was cut and then fried. For the past few days he has been silent collecting questions from netizens.

“It was a video screen record cut then fried. At the time it happened it was purely a fan service,” said Pamungkas as quoted by Indozone Monday 10 October.

The 29 year old singer likened it to meeting fans after a gig. Serving fans who ask for photos together videos and so on. 

According to Pamungkas it is a form of fan service that he provides to fans when they are on stage.

Me with my fan. If you don’t know fan service, it’s the same as after a gig waiting for a photo together. And I have never said no to that. So if you ask what the hell is that what’s going on yes it’s fan service.

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