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Who Is KIMMIKKA? Video Has Been Trending On Twitter


The internet has been abuzz with the trending news that caught the attention of many. People have been paying attention to a trending video. You now know the latest news if you’ve seen the entire video.

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Kimmikka Twitch users are outraged after a streamer was banned for a week after broadcasting an extremely video Stream. Twitch is one of the biggest platforms in the world and allows just about anyone, provided you haven’t already been banned from it, to show the entire internet what they’re doing.

Sometimes they’re playing games, watching YouTube videos, hosting elaborate productions, or just showing their daily lives like a live vlog. It’s an incredibly powerful service and one that has had no shortage of controversial moments over the years. In 2021 alone, there was the rise of tub streams, a major leak that revealed streamers’ payouts, and much more.

Now, Twitch users are once again up in arms over the platform’s inconsistent bans, an issue that has been raised numerous times over the years by a number of prominent creators. Twitch streamer kimmikka  was banned for a week after having video on stream.

The streamer’s peculiar position in relation to their desk, along with a man’s head seen behind her appeared odd to viewers; however, there was a window reflecting everything on her side, meaning not much was left to the imagination.

After seeing this, ex-Twitch streamer accused Twitch of being “ and “favoritism”, noting he was after doing a hate raid on , but a streamer having was banned for 7 days. has since smoothed things over with and the two have become friends but is still banned from the platform. Jidion6 went on to create a YouTube video about the issue .

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