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Video de gaela hija de tomate | video de gaela zapata,fotos de gaela barraza


Tomate Barraza is trending topic on Twitter when he saw the video of her daughter intimate video and he said in a statement that he send to jail who reveal the picture of her youngest daughter.

Tomate Barraza reported the incident to the Police and threatened the person responsible for tricking photos of his daughter with Danuska Zapata.

The popular Tomato assured that the person who reveal the images of his youngest daughter could go to jail for more than eight years.

Tomate Barraza Condemned Images Of Her Daughter

The singer was very outraged and on the verge of tears after alleged images that affect the integrity of his daughter Gaela Barraza went trending on Telegram and WhatsApp.

He also regretted that other people were sharing the images of a minor. Unfortunately the photos and videos are going trending and I am so sorry that people share these images said her daughter.

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