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the glory Netflix series drama goes trending on social media platform


In this article i am going to tell you about all details of the glory Netflix series drama and also tell you about climax and end of the drama.

So to know about all details of this drama series read complete article.

The Glory” is a Korean- language vengeance drama available to sluice on Netflix. It stars Song Hye- kyo as Moon Dong- eun, a woman exacting vengeance on her high academy bullies.

vengeance factors into numerous Korean dramatizations, similar as the recent run of handsome vigilante stories like Vincenzo and Taxi motorist, but The Glory calls back to a slightly aged and darker beachfront of Korean vengeance stories, seen in classic flicks similar as Oldboy, Lady Vengeance and A Bittersweet Life.

These are tales of people who seek vengeance for themselves and understand the cost of doing so – losing their own lives, figuratively, but frequently literally as well.

What’s the climax of Glory?

The movie’s climax, involving the 54th’s failed attack at Battery Wagner on July 18, 1863, depicts a final palm over adversity and a collaborative immolation around the flag.

Shaw is died trying to lead his men in a final assault as is Trip, who falls having eventually embraced the regimentalcolors.

What happens at the end of Glory?

Dong- eun eventually reveals how she’s going to help her hired amateur dick, Kang Hyeon- nam Dong- eun sends Hyeon- nam’s son down to study abroad. That way, she will be safe from her father’s abuse.

It devastates Hyeon- nam, who noway allow

agreeing to this would mean losing her son.

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