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Iso Omena vertijat video 7 1 2023 | iso omena vartijat video | iso omena vartijat trending on social media


The video of Iso Omena Vartijat is a lot attention on all the social media spots especially onTwitter.

It is creating a separate buzz far and wide on internet that it’s fashionability has increased Incredibly in a veritably short duration of time.

Social Media druggies are veritably curious to know about the content of the video and also want to know designedly that why it’s trending on nternet.

If you want to know about the details of the Iso Omena Vartijat also read the full article.

What is iso omena vartijat?

Iso Omena is a shopping centre in Matinkylä, Espoo, Finland, opened on September 24, 2001. Iso Omena has over 200 fashion, rest and interior design shops and an excellent selection of grocery stores.

With further than 200 different shops and services, Iso Omena is among Finland’s largest shoppingcentres.

It is also considered as stylish shoppingcentre.Recently a video of this shopping centre is getting trending.

As we bandied that video of Iso Omena varijit has came the hotly batted content ofdiscussion.

In the video we can see that there were four or five guards in the situation.

The guards first dragged the woman out of the apparel store. The woman wasn’t willing to go with theguards.

>>>>>>>click here to watch video 👇

What happened to the woman?

The four guards put the woman on the ground and lay on top of her. one guard was covering thesituation.

After a many twinkles, the woman lost knowledge and they started to resuscitate her.

First aid units and police details arrived at the shopping center.

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