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Cavinder twins ponder basketball future


Haley and Hanna cavinder twins ponder basketball player trending on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In this article we are going to tell you about basketball star Haley and Hanna.

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Cavinder twins
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Social media personality Haley Cavinder was born on January 13, 2001, to Tom and Katie Kevender in South Band. Cavinder sisters are famous by the name of “Cavinder Twins.”

She was one of five sisters — the eldest, followed by Hanna, Brandi, and Natalie. Having already earned her undergraduate degree in Fresno, California. She intends to graduate in the same city. However, it was her father’s influence that made Haley play basketball at school.

The Cavinder Twins announced their decision in March to enter the transfer portal after playing at Fresno State. After being two of the most marketable names in the college game, the chance to move to a Power Five school and compete for Tournament.

The Cavinder family, in front of his house. wishing the Cavinder Twins all the best in their quest to find their next home to play basketball.

Popular TikToker who collaborates with her twin sister Hanna on their CavinderTwins account, which has earned over 4.1 million fans.

She and Hanna played high school basketball together and they went on to become college basketball teammates as well at Fresno State University.

They have filmed TikTok dance routines from the Fresno State locker room and they also often feature their other family members in their videos.

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