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Bağcılar son dakika | bağcilar mother son video


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Ali S., who is alleged to be a drug addict, argued with his mother for an unknown reason. Ali S., who k!//ed his mother with a and threw his cut head from the balcony into the street, then set the house on fire.

Police, firefighters and medical teams were dispatched to the scene after the incident was reported. The suspect locked himself in the burning house.

Police teams broke down the door and took the suspect, who they rescued as injured, into custody. Firefighters also extinguished the fire.

Ali S., who was learned to have psychological problems and alleged to be a drug addict, was taken to the police station for questioning. The work of the police on the subject continues in many ways.


A written statement was made by the Governorship of Istanbul regarding the incident. In the statement made, “AS (26) who brutally murdered his mother HS (58) in Fevzi Çakmak District of our district of Bağcılar has been caught by our police units.

The person named AS received psychological treatment in many mental and mental illness hospitals and was recently discharged 1 month ago. It has been determined that the person has a record of using drugs and that he has 1 record of using drugs.”The suspect was referred to the courthouse after his proceedings at the Bağcılar District Police Department.

Speaking on the subject, a neighborhood resident said, “We know that he is a drug addict. We learned that he cut his mother’s head off. We have no idea why. He also burned the house after the murder. He went out on the balcony and showed his mother’s head to the people and threw it on the street.

He fell in front of a motorcycle courier passing by. He did not leave the house. “The police took him into custody there,” he said.Bağcılar’s Fevzi Çakmak District witnessed a terrible event. The person, who was learned to have psychological problems, first stabbed his mother, then cut off his head and threw it from the balcony.

After the blood-curdling incident, the person who set the house on fire was taken into custody by the teams. The suspect Ali S., who was taken into custody, was arrested by the judicial authorities and sent to prison. On the other hand, it was learned that the suspect was on the run from mental and nervous diseases.

A written statement was also made from the Istanbul Police Department regarding the horrifying incident.

In the statement made, “In the works carried out in Bağcılar district regarding the crime of willful , it was determined that the woman named HS(58) was with a by the person named AS(26) in the incident that took place in the Fevzi Çakmak District at around 16:00.

During the control, it was seen that the woman named HS lost her life, and it was understood that the person named AS started a fire in the living room of the house. has been found to be.

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