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Alicia (Married at first sight) infused to “stay alive”: she can no longer eat


Lying down and infused… This Tuesday, October 11, fans of the last season of Married at first sight , and in particular the couple Alicia and Bruno, were very worried when they discovered the last story of the pretty blonde.

Indeed, the one who was the victim of an accident a few years ago, in which she lost her sister and which could have cost her her life, announced that she was currently in the hospital in a rather complicated state.

Positive at Covid-19, the doctors discovered that she also suffered from other pathologies which did not help her state of health. ” I’ll give you news, I caught the Covid, except that with my fragile health, it’s not easy ” , she announced to her community at first before continuing: ”

I am hospitalized because I have pancreatitis. I’ve had that before, I have a fragile pancreas. But because of the medication, I also have drug-induced hepatitis… I had been at peace with all that for a year and a half…” .

Forced to fast

In fact, on the advice of doctors, the candidate of Married at first sight who has been on morphine and “very exhausted” for several days, announced that she was unable to respond to all her fans.

However, she decided to speak again this Wednesday, October 12, to try to reassure everyone.“I wanted to thank you for your messages. Unfortunately, I can’t read you all.

I am very tired but in terms of pain, I am taken care of , ”she tried to reassure at first. But in the rest of her text, Bruno’s companion announced bad news: “I have to remain on an empty stomach, therefore, without water or food for several days to let all the digestive function rest so that the liver and the pancreas can heal quietly.

From there we can see what is needed. I obviously have vitamin infusions to stay alive, don’t worry. I am hospitalized for an indefinite period .

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